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ATV Technologie Gmbh manufactures: Multi purpose fast ramping floor space saving Bench Top Furnaces, up to 300 mm wafers, Hydraulic Press Furnace for Constrained LTCC Sintering with zero X/Y shrinkage, Perfect Reflow Soldering Vacuum Ovens, Thermo Compression Bonder, Fully automatic in line production cells based on multiple Perfect Reflow Soldering, Vacuum Ovens, Atomic Layer CVD/ALD system, Rapid Thermal Annealing / RTA / RTP systems for wafers and solar cells, Hot plates/chucks, diamond scribers, manual die mounter.  

Product & Technology

IR Vacuum Reflow / RTA                                                                    Versatile Tube Furnaces









LTCC Sintering Press                                                                         Diamond Scribers









Hot Plates / Chucks                                                                             Micro-Manipulator System

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