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Swiss Cluster started in 2019 by a team of researchers and engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute for Material Science & Technology (Empa) in Thun and Bern University of Applied Sciences. The company was officially registered on November 2020. 

The expertise of the team covers various thin films deposition techniques (ALD, CVD, and PVD), vacuum and plasma deposition technologies, as well as in the whole realm of materials caracterisation. The combined knowledge in these fields are harnessed to bring novel ideas towards optimising research and production processes to ultimately synthesise novel and better material

Batch ALD system for R&D and small-scale production

The SCube is an ALD batch system for R & D and small scale production to coat different kinds and sizes of 3D parts. 

Faster process times with high-quality and homogenous films 

The SC Optima Series is the next generation of large batch systems for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD),  optimised to deliver high-quality and uniform coatings to all types of 3D objects in record time, streamlining every step of your door-to door processes, from loading to unloading. 

SCube Series.png
Swisscluster 1.png

(PE)-ALD / PVD cluster system in a compact equipment

The SC-1 series is is an innovative patent-pending cluster system that combines (PE)-ALD and PVD without breaking vacuum for high-throughput production of multinanolayered coatings. 

Configure your setup to your requirements

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