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Nordson MARCH is the global leader in advanced plasma machine technology for: 
Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Life Science, Hard Disk Drive, LED, and Solar / Photovoltaic industries. 
Nordson MARCH design and manufacture a complete line of plasma treatment systems, and maintain an expert staff of scientists and engineers focused on plasma cleaning

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Nordson MARCH has a variety of plasma treatment solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of the advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly (ASPA), wafer level packaging (WLP) and micro electro mechanical (MEMS) industries. Plasma applications include cleaning, wire bond improvement, descum, bump adhesion, stripping and etch


PCB Manufacturing

In PCB manufacturing, plasma technology can deliver higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical processes. It is efficient, economical and environmentally benign. Plasma processing increases the surface energy of advanced materials, including fluoropolymer, providing excellent lamination and wettability for plating through-holes without the use of wet chemicals. It also allows metalization to the inner layers by removing resin smear created in the drilling process and removes carbon byproducts from blind vias. 



Photovoltaic / Solar Industry

As the market for alternative sources of energy grows, manufacturers of solar cells and photovoltaic devices around the world are rapidly increasing production in order to capitalize on this emerging trend. As with other semiconductor-based devices, plasma processing is used for solar/photovoltaic device manufacturing and device packaging applications.



Industrial Applications


The utilization of plasma treatment for Industrial applications has proven to be a vital step to alter surface characteristics for enhanced paint adhesion, bonding of dissimilar plastics to metal as well as paint or epoxy residue removal. Industrial products that benefit from plasma include automotive sub-assemblies, electronics, apparel, sports equipment, goggles, vision aids, lenses and military grade hardware. 



Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Devices

High reliability and yield in the manufacturing of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) has become more important as these devices are being utilized in high value products such as automobiles, televisions, and personal computers. Plasma is utilized to increase the wire bond strength, enhance heat transfer in die attach, and eliminate silicone mold adhesion problems within these LED packages


Life Sciences and Medical Device Manufacturing

Nordson MARCH provides innovative plasma processes and equipment to meet specific application requirements of the medical industry. Nordson MARCH's plasma treatment delivers superior performance, higher quality and reliability for improved bonding, increased wettability, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, lubricity and biocompatibility. It removes nano-level contaminants, introduces specific functional groups and deposits a variety of biocompatible coatings

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